NudgeMail – Now With Even MORE Ways to Set Recurring Reminders!

While all of you have been busy setting NudgeMails, we’ve been busy adding more features.  We introduced recurring reminders a few weeks back, but now due to popular demand/use, we’ve made them even better. Setting these repeating reminders is fast and easy and offers a great solution for tasks that recur every day, week, month or year. Our favorite uses so far of recurring NudgeMails?

  • Birthdays, anniversaries, and other things you really shouldn’t be forgetting
  • Taxes, bills, and other major recurring payments (though they aren’t as much fun as the birthdays)
  • Things you need to “check in on” on a periodic basis
  • TV shows you want to record/watch
  • Weekly grocery purchases
  • Feeding the meter?

If you have anything we should add to the list, comment below!

Here’s the full commands list, with explanations.


Your NudgeMail will be sent to you every hour on the hour.


Your NudgeMail will be sent to you every day at your set Nudge Time. (The default Nudge Time is 6:30AM and changing it is as simple as sending an email to with the desired nudge delivery time as the subject line.)

Weekly: every(dayofweek)

Send your email to or It works with all of the days of the week, and abbreviations work just fine (mon, tues, wed, thurs, etc).  Your NudgeMail will be sent to you every week at the set day, arriving at your set Nudge Time.

Monthly: monthly(#dayinmonth)

Send your email to, for example, and your NudgeMail will come on the 5th day of the month, every month (again, at your set Nudge Time).  If you don’t pick a day of the month, emails sent to will come on the first of the month.

Yearly: yearly(#dayinmonth)(monthname)

This might seem a little trickier, but it’s not, just a little longer to type.  An annual reminder for every September 30th should be sent to, and one for Feb 14th (we all need reminders for that one) goes to  You must specify both the day of the month and the month itself for this to work (in other words, yearlymarch will *not* send a nudgemail to you every March 1st, you must use yearly1march for that to work).

Add Specific Times

You can also add a specified delivery time for all recurring reminders.

For daily, weekly and yearly reminders:

Just add the desired delivery time at end of the email commands above, without any colons in the time! Be sure to include “am” or “pm” at the end of your time setting, unless you use military time (so, either 230pm or 1430). Examples below:

For monthly reminders (a little different):

IMPORTANT: For monthly recurring reminders you have to put a period between the date and the time.
ALSO, like above, you must NOT use a colon in the time.  Examples below:

  • The 7th of every month at 3:00pm –
  • The 10th of every month at 2:18am –
  • The 30th of every month at 3:30pm –

Why do we need the period? Without it, our system would see a command like “monthly73pm” and get a little confused as to what time 73 PM is.

By the way, for those using the method of setting your NudgeMails, all of the above will work in the subject line.

We hope you enjoy these new recurring reminders from NudgeMail and use them to better manage your tasks and your inbox.  Later this month we’ll get another feature your way that we think you’re going to like.  A lot.