Nudgemail Pricing: Free Forever*

The “I Like” Plan
$5per month
  • Best for people creating 10-ish Nudges per month.
  • Nudgemail makes you happy, and that makes us happy.

[stripe name=”I Like Nudgemail” description=”(right back at ya!)”]
[stripe_plan id=”basic_monthly”]
[stripe_plan id=”basic_annual”]

The “I Love!” Plan
$10per month
  • Best for people who use Nudgemail about once per day.
  • You don’t like Nudgemail. You love Nudgemail.

[stripe name=”I LOVE Nudgemail” description=”(we heart you back!)”]
[stripe_plan id=”pro_monthly”]
[stripe_plan id=”pro_annual”]

The “OMFG” Plan
$20per month
  • Best for people whose world is rocked by the existence of Nudgemail.
  • Whoa, seriously? Thanks. You are amazing!

[stripe name=”Nudgemail Rocks My World” description=”(you are too good for us!)”]
[stripe_plan id=”omfg_monthly”]
[stripe_plan id=”omfg_annual”]

With email being such a huge part of how we communicate, we believe everyone deserves better email, without having to install a plugin or learn how to use a new email client. We also believe that a platform as helpful as Nudgemail should be accessible to everyone for free.

So there you have it, as long as Nudgemail is available to the public, it’s going to be free. If you want to help support Nudgemail, welcome to our Pay What You Want plans. Thanks in advance for any support you choose to give!

(*) – so it turns out Forever is a pretty long time, and it’s pretty hard to actually guarantee a thing will last forever (just ask anyone selling productivity tools to dinosaurs). So when we say Forever what we mean is this: as long as Nudgemail exists, you can use it for free.