About Us

The Story Behind NudgeMail

NudgeMail was founded by Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg, longtime business partners and serial entrepreneurs. Over the past twenty years we’ve conceptualized, incubated, and launched:

  • Dijit Media, a venture-backed TV discovery startup (acquired by Viggle, Inc in 2014).
  • Legacy Locker, an online repository for vital digital property that lets users grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of loss, death, or disability (acquired in 2013).
  • Stage Two, a San Francisco based full-service strategic marketing, PR, and product experience firm focused on consumer technology (acquired in 2011).
  • Palmtastik, the world’s first-ever PalmPilot “vortal” (back in the ’90s).

One Monday morning, while digging through our typically cluttered inboxes, we came up with a concept to develop a dead-simple reminder system. We wanted it to be based entirely in email and not require any special downloads, apps, or plugins. We needed something to let us stay on top of important emails without having to create complicated rules or learn any new systems. In response to this universal problem, we created Nudgemail – the easiest way to send yourself reminders ever devised.

With the help of some super-talented developers, we built a system that requires no sign up or setup, and lets anybody send or forward any email into the future. It’s normal for a product’s inventor to fall in love with their product, but we honestly cannot live without it, and we hope you all feel the same.