Nudgemail – Free Forever*

When we decided to build Nudgemail almost 5 years ago, we did it for ourselves, because email as we knew it was broken. The cornerstone of modern communication was failing us in a big way and we found ourselves drowning in inefficiency.

The overflowing inbox, multiple accounts and daily reminder emails to ourselves were just too much, so we decided to fix it.  In developing Nudgemail, we wanted to design a service that was simple and secure, allowed us to reach inbox zero (or as we often say inbox manageable), ensure we never missed a follow-up or to-do, and have it work in a any email client with no downloads.  To that end, we’ll call Nudgemail a smashing success.

We absolutely love what we’ve built so far and it turns out we aren’t alone. Hundreds of thousands of people with the same issues have decided to give Nudgemail a try over the years. If you are one of them – thank you!

For four years we’ve called Nudgemail a “free public beta” with the announced intent to eventually charge for it.

We’ve changed our minds. As of this moment, Nudgemail is a free service. Forever* (drops mic, walks away from desk).

With email being such a huge part of how we communicate, we believe everyone deserves better email, without having to install a plugin or learn how to use a new email client.  We also believe that a platform as helpful as Nudgemail should be accessible to everyone for free.

So there you have it, as long as Nudgemail is available to the public, it’s going to be free.

But wait a second, you may be pondering to yourself “How are we going to keep Nudgemail as awesome as ever if it costs money to operate?” The answer is:  we’re really lucky to have some incredible users that want to make sure Nudgemail is here forever too. The outpouring of offers from folks asking us if they could pay while we were in Beta was overwhelming. And we’re going to take you up on those offers – it’s that love that will keep Nudgemail and the promise of better email free for everyone.

If you’re one of the many power users out there who have come to rely on the service the way we have, we’d love your support.  By donating a few dollars per month (or more than a few, should you choose), you’ll help make sure Nudgemail continues to make email better for years to come. Thank you in advance.

(*) – so it turns out Forever is a pretty long time, and it’s pretty hard to actually guarantee a thing will last forever (just ask anyone selling productivity tools to dinosaurs). So when we say Forever what we mean is this: as long as Nudgemail exists, you can use it for free.