Google Calendar Temporary Disconnection

Hello fellow Nudgers! We have mixed news for you today, and, as is the way things are done, we’ll start with the bad.

Bad News: our integration with Google Calendar is disconnected, and will be until early 2015. GCal has gone through a recent technology change that requires significant labor on our end to make work properly.

Good News: this is only temporary, we are already working on it, and will be fixed.

We wish it could be fixed sooner and faster, but since we are so far along with our system updates, we have to wait until that’s complete first. Still targeting end of the year for that.

Sorry about the inconvenience, we know it’s been a popular feature for a lot of you. But go ahead, set a nudge for January and check back in to see when it’s fixed!

Also – for those of you who’ve asked if you can help us test the new features coming – yes – just give us a few more weeks to get them ready! Thanks again for the support!