We’d love a little feedback!

Hello friends and fans of NudgeMail. Been a while – like 3+ years – since we’ve written a blog post. In fact, it’s been so long since we’ve last blogged we had to go double-check people were still calling it blogging! We’re going to try to get a lot better at it, but we’re a little rusty.

As we’ve tweeted about from time to time recently, there’s a lot of work happening at NudgeMail now. Here’s what we’re working on (in no particular order):

  • Visual redesign – new and/or retouched logo, new NudgeMail email templates, and a new look and feel for the website too.
  • Rebuilt architecture – you may remember a few outages this past Summer (we do, ugh). we’ve been rebuilding the back-end system to handle much larger scale, and more uptime as well (because our current 99.99% uptime is just not enough!).
  • New features – whether it’s tiny new shortcuts or entire swaths of functionality (nudge a friend? YES!), there’s a lot more coming to NudgeMail this and next year!
  • Pro services – as many of you have asked/guessed/surmised, we’ll be turning on the payments system soon. BUT, we’ll have some very very special deals for our loyal users.  Also, there will always be a Free level of NudgeMail use available to all.

Right about now, we’d love to get some feedback on some candidate logo designs.  If you have 40-50 seconds free, click here to fill out our survey and let us know what you think!